About Arian Jaff

For nearly a decade, Arian Jaff has held leadership positions at several San Diego firms. Most recently, he served as Director at IAI Investment Group. Partially responsible for the creation of the business, Arian Jaff established policies for the successful start up.

Earlier, Jaff spent more than two years as President of Jaff Development. Focused on real-estate development, he oversaw the remodeling and construction performed by the company. A motivated individual, he seeks out new business opportunities that allow him to apply outside-of-the-box thinking to a variety of issues.

Before joining the firm, Arian Jaff became Vice President of West Coast Design Center, Inc. Starting at the family business after high school, he garnered experience in the construction industry. While there, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in General Management, Business Administration, and Global Management from the University of Phoenix.

Since 2011, Arian Jaff has sat on the board of Fundación Castro Limón. Headquartered in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Fundación Castro Limón functions as a non-profit group dedicated to aiding children with cancer. Affiliated with the International Children’s Cancer Foundation, this organization participates in ProCura Campaña de Recaudactíon 2012. In December 2011, he signed up for the 2nd Annual Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament, an event that raised money for its mission.

Aside from his professional obligations, Arian Jaff busies himself with several pastimes, such as playing chess. Interested in traveling, he likes trying exotic foods and red wines. A sports fan, he prefers football and baseball and roots for the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres.


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