Charities Address Needs of Children with Cancer

Arian Jaff is a real estate and finance industry professional who has held executive positions with West Coast Center Design, Inc., and Jaff Development. Arian Jaff currently sits on the board of Fundación Castro-Limón, a Mexico-based charitable organization focused on childhood cancers.

Each year, approximately 96,000 children around the globe die from cancer. While the childhood cancer mortality rate is about 20% in developed nations, in areas of the world with limited resources, the mortality rate is 80% to 90%. As a result, many charities around the globe have taken on the important role of raising awareness and funds and/or providing direct support to childhood cancer patients and their families.

Founded to honor the memory two entrepreneurs who succumbed to cancer and wanted to help children facing the same disease, Fundación Castro-Limón operates a pediatric cancer center in Tijuana, Mexico. In addition, both individuals and companies can participate in the charity’s “adopt a child” program and donate funds to improve quality of life of a child with cancer.

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