Charities Address Needs of Children with Cancer

Arian Jaff is a real estate and finance industry professional who has held executive positions with West Coast Center Design, Inc., and Jaff Development. Arian Jaff currently sits on the board of Fundación Castro-Limón, a Mexico-based charitable organization focused on childhood cancers.

Each year, approximately 96,000 children around the globe die from cancer. While the childhood cancer mortality rate is about 20% in developed nations, in areas of the world with limited resources, the mortality rate is 80% to 90%. As a result, many charities around the globe have taken on the important role of raising awareness and funds and/or providing direct support to childhood cancer patients and their families.

Founded to honor the memory two entrepreneurs who succumbed to cancer and wanted to help children facing the same disease, Fundación Castro-Limón operates a pediatric cancer center in Tijuana, Mexico. In addition, both individuals and companies can participate in the charity’s “adopt a child” program and donate funds to improve quality of life of a child with cancer.

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Adopt a Child with Cancer

An executive and businessman, Arian Jaff recently served as the director of IAI Investment Group. Previously, he headed his own construction company, known as Jaff Development, and spent several years as vice president of West Coast Design Center, Inc. Arian Jaff currently serves on the board of Fundacion Castro-Limon.

Fundacion Castro-Limon pro Ninez sin Cancer, known in English as the Castro-Limon Foundation for Children with Cancer, is a bi-national collaboration dedicated to providing material and spiritual support to children diagnosed with cancer. Founded in memory of Juan Carlos Castro-Munguia and Irineo Limon-Vargas, the nonprofit organization supports the Centro Oncologico Pediatrico (Pediatric Oncology Center), which has locations in Tijuana, Mexico, and Baja, California. The foundation operates programs such as Adopta una Esperanza de Vida, or Adopt a Hope of Life.

Through the Adopt a Hope of Life program, donors can provide monthly contributions for treatment costs of a child with cancer. These sponsorships allow both businesses and individuals to supply, either in full or in part, the financial assistance that will enable children to obtain the comprehensive medical care they require. In return, benefactors receive updates about the children they adopt.

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Three Exotic Fruits to Try

A member of the board of Fundacion Castro-Limon, Arian Jaff previously worked in the finance and real estate development industries. Arian Jaff’s interests include traveling and trying exotic foods.For those who enjoy tasting exotic foods, the possibility of trying new delicacies offers a thrilling experience. If you have the opportunity to travel to Southeast Asia, you may want to try these fruits.

The red, leathery rind of the lychee fruit may deter many thanks to its prickly appearance. But beneath its rough exterior lies a mildly sweet, white fruit full of juice and grape-like in texture. It also emits a flower-like fragrance. Beware the poisonous seed, however.

T’he rambutan hides its edibility under a hairy, spiky covering. Discard the tough skin and bitter seed and enjoy the sweet, somewhat acidic fruit.

Known to some as the “queen of fruit,” the mangosteen reveals soft, juicy, white sections underneath its peeling. The larger sections may contain a bitter seed, while the smaller ones practically melt in your mouth.

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